The key points of choosing glue correctly
- 2020-04-17-

In order to control the adhesion of corrugated boxes, it is important to choose a suitable glue for box glue. Once the glue is used incorrectly, the entire batch of corrugated boxes will be opened.

The basic principle of corrugated color box paper paste box glue is to choose different glues according to different surface treatment methods of corrugated color box paper.

If the pasting position of the corrugated cardboard box is that the surface of plain paper is pasted on the surface of plain paper, ordinary white latex can be used when pasting the carton; if the paper surface is pasted on the surface of the film (including light film and dumb film), paper plastic should be used when pasting the carton , And choose different paper and plastic according to different membrane materials, such as pet or OPP film surface, when you paste the box, you should choose different paper and plastic: If the paper surface is bonded with the ultraviolet lacquer, when you paste the box UV glue should be used; if the surface of the paper is bonded to the polished surface, the glue should be used when pasting the box. For the inspection of better products for manual paste boxes or low-speed paste boxes, glue with a long opening time should be selected (from glue and glue contact to the glue can not move arbitrarily); for automatic paste boxes or high-speed paste boxes, choose a short open time Glue.

When choosing glue for glue, it is also necessary to consider the working environment of the glue box workshop.

The ratio of glue used in winter and glue used in summer should be different, because the viscosity of the same brand and the same batch of glue at different ambient temperatures is also different. The lower the ambient temperature, the higher the viscosity of the glue. Whether it is winter or summer, glue is required to achieve a viscosity that is convenient for production operations during the paste box production process.

Due to the lower temperature in winter, the viscosity of the glue is higher. If the corrugated box manufacturer adds thinner to adjust the viscosity of the glue, it will affect the adhesion of the glue to a certain extent.

In addition, the use environment of corrugated boxes should also be considered.

If the corrugated cardboard box needs to be sent to a high-temperature environment for use, the high-temperature paste box glue should be used; if the corrugated cardboard box needs to be sent to a low-temperature environment for packaging design, low-temperature paste box glue should be used.

If the automatic folder gluer is equipped with a spray gun, you need to select the corresponding glue spraying method. At the same time, the performance of the spray gun control system must also be considered. If the spray gun control system is hot melt adhesive, you need to select hot melt adhesive; if the spray gun control system is digital printing, and does not heat in China, you need to choose cold spray adhesive.

Of course, the choice of glue for paste boxes also needs to consider environmental protection, whether it is food-grade and mildew-proof, and will not be described in detail here.