Advantages and functions of water-based varnish
- 2020-04-24-

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; varnish refers to water as the carrier, because the printing machine is coated online or offline to improve the gloss and water resistance of paper prints And wear-resistant liquid. It has good gloss, folding resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance to the printed matter using it, and its environmental performance is more suitable for the processing of packaging and printing materials in food, medicine, tobacco and other industries.

1. The advantages of water-based varnish


There is no adverse effect on the color of the printed matter. Even under long-term strong sunlight, the coating film of varnish is not easy to turn yellow.

Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

The surface of the printed matter is wear-resistant, waterproof and oil-proof, which is deeply welcomed and trusted by users. When used on cigarette packs, in the high-speed operation of up to 300-500 packs / minute, the cigarette label will bear a large mechanical load, and the varnish can meet this requirement. No cigarette packs have been found in gravure printing or offset printing. Discoloration occurs.

Convenient and safe

Varnish uses water as a solvent and only a small amount of volatile edible alcohol as an auxiliary solvent, which is conducive to production safety and the improvement of working conditions for employees. After glazing, it can be washed directly with water without any other danger.

Conjunctiva is faster

High temperature resistance and good heat sealing performance. The application of glazing oil on Heidelberg CD five-color continuous glazing offset printing machine, printing speed 13000 sheets / hour, infrared drying, power 5. {{2}} kw × {{ 1}} pieces × 2 group, temperature 6 5 ℃, satisfactory results were obtained. The outer packaging of the cigarette case is made of polypropylene film, and the water-based varnish has good heat sealing performance.

Flat anti-roll

Varnish does not need to be too high temperature, compared with ordinary solvent-based products, it is more convenient to use on gravure printing machine. One of the problems of gravure printing is that the moisture content of the paper is very low, and it is relatively easy to curl, so it cannot be used. Polish the flexible package with varnish. Cut the product into large sheets, and then cut into bronzing pieces. It still maintains good flatness and roll resistance. Users are satisfied after use.

Second, the role and application of water-based varnish

Practical use in printed matter not only increases the value of the printed matter, but also increases the optical rotation resistance of the ink, increases the heat resistance and moisture resistance of the ink, protects the printed marks of the printed matter, improves the performance of the printed matter, and brings considerable economic benefits to the printing house. The coating and glazing market is a diversified market. Food printing plants, book printing plants, commercial printing plants, trademark printing plants and folding carton printing plants all have varying degrees of glazing requirements for various packaging products.