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Features and application characteristics of laminating adhesive
- 2020-05-08-

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Laminating adhesive refers to a kind of glue that covers the BOPP film on paper, also called laminating gum. The laminating adhesive includes water-based laminating adhesive and oil-based laminating adhesive.


  1. This product has a high solids content and is suitable for the requirements of compound drying and quick drying (drying through drying channels). Higher machine speed can reach 45 m / min;

  2. Since the emulsion is a self-crosslinking type, its macromolecular bonding causes crosslinking and high peel strength.

  3. High quality, good inducing performance, covering (covering) powder, good brightness of composite products, indentation, embossing, unevenness, etc., no bubbles, good impact resistance, smooth and beautiful, no glue when wet;

  4. The product has good storage stability, good antifreeze performance in winter, and storage period of 6 months;

  5. This product is water-based adhesive, environmentally friendly, solvent-free, non-flammable, explosive, safe to use;

  6. It is a new product that can replace traditional oil glue.

Application characteristics of laminating adhesive

Glue should be used to prevent freezing and sun protection, and to prevent direct sunlight in summer, it should be placed in a cool place, then it should be stored in winter at 0 ℃, if It ’s because the glue is frozen, it ca n’t be heated and thawed, and it should be frozen slowly in the room above 5 ℃. Then it ’s time to investigate the delamination of anhydrous glue after freezing. It can be used after filtering through the 100 mesh filter, and it is to be sealed and stored during and after the glue is stored. It is necessary to prevent the glue from scaling and mildew, thus It is to shorten the shelf life, and it is to use the laminating adhesive cannot be mixed with other glues. It cannot be used to add other substances. It is necessary to prevent chemical reactions. The loss is formed, and the water can not be increased in accordance with the standard, and it is only after the printing ink needs to be dried before the film can be laminated, and it is before the application. Then it's time to apply the rubber roller on the laminating machine Wash clean, it is not to the rubber, the presence of impurities.

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