Collection of advantages of water-based varnish
- 2019-08-16-

Water-based varnish is made of synthetic resin, related additives and water after scientific processing. It is green, environmentally friendly, non-irritating, free of organic volatiles, low in cost, and has a wide range of material sources. In the operation, it can eliminate the harm to human body and the pollution to the environment, and it has been paid more and more attention by food, medicine and tobacco printing enterprises.

  1, high transparency, good gloss, no effect on the color of the printed matter, the printed matter is bright, and it is not easy to yellow under the long-term strong sunlight.

  2, strong abrasion resistance, anti-scratch, the surface of the printed object is abrasion-resistant, does not fade, water-repellent, oil-repellent, deeply welcomed and trusted by users, especially cigarette cases, at speeds of 300- During the high-speed operation of 500 packs / minute, the cigarette label must bear a large mechanical load. For this reason, the printed matter not only needs to be polished, but also has a strong wear resistance. The water-based varnish can not only meet this requirement, but Whether it is gravure printing or offset printing, there is no phenomenon of discoloration of cigarette packets.

  3, fast conjunctiva, fast drying, water-based glazing oil is applied on Heidelberg CD five-color continuous glazing offset printing machine, printing speed 13000 sheets / hour, infrared drying power {{2 }}. 4 KW × {{{2}} branch × 2 group, with a temperature of 6 {{2}} ℃ completely dry, and achieved satisfactory application effect.

  4, easy to use, transport, and store, safe, and conducive to safe production and improve the working conditions of employees. Because the solvent-based varnish is in the category of dangerous goods, transportation, storage, and use are quite inconvenient, and the water-based varnish uses water as a solvent, which is non-hazardous and safe and reliable to use. After glazing, you can directly rinse the printing roller, machine and liquid tank with clean water to keep the machine and workshop site clean and clean without polluting the environment.