Glue box characteristics display
- 2019-11-11-

Since I suggested a good interface glue to everyone last week, the consultation has been constant. Now I will take advantage of the paste box glue for everyone. Shandong Ruiyi Yinghua New Material Co., Ltd., produced by Conscience.

Glue box characteristics display

What's good?

It has met all the requirements of the high-speed sticking box process, and has made a step-by-step contribution to the advancement of the technical progress in the post-press processing industry.

It is a pure water-based green environmental protection product with VOC of zero, which meets the requirements of many controlled standards.

The major feature is its compatibility with a variety of bonding materials. It can adhere well to various substrate interfaces such as B0PP / paper, varnish / paper, laser film / paper, and UV / paper. It is helpful for customers to improve production efficiency, facilitate management, and reduce the cost of using glue.

It meets all the requirements of the high-speed sticking box process. It has fast adhesive force, fast paper breaking (one minute paper breaking), fast machine speed, no splashing, no flow, and good production efficiency.

It is environmentally friendly water-based adhesive box glue, no solvent, so it has no impact on the health of manual sizing workers, and because of its good rheology, the roller coating machine is fast without throwing glue, and can also be used for spraying and other processes.