Application of laser film glue on pressed flower cards
- 2019-12-02-

Before the Teacher's Day this year, the small gift of shihua seems to be very popular. I saw a few friends saying in the WeChat circle of friends that a variety of bookmarks, cards, mirrors and gifts can't be too busy, which shows that more and more people have known the pressed flower and accepted the new concept of using the pressed flower as a gift . It's a happy thing to get the public's approval for the work of Ouhua.

The carnation pressed flower frame that can be given as a gift, using Japanese spring rain paper as the backing paper, has a rich color change and texture. Carnation flowers are paired with white petunia flowers, decorated with lace and golden English text, which is a very popular flower gift. Carnation means "love, charm, respect", whether it is for mothers, relatives or teachers, are very relevant to the theme.

The lovely pressed flower bouquet is also one of the popular pressed flower gifts. The works in the picture use red delphinium as the main flower, with white snow wood, forget-me-not flowers, and the branches and leaves of geranium and jacaranda to construct a beautiful bouquet shape.

This week, a friend who started to learn how to push flowers asked me on Weibo why he often produced bubbles or unevenness when applying the cold pressed film. In fact, the film is also a technical job, and mastering some small methods can do more with less. In this issue of the public account push, let's talk about the topic of pressing flower cards with laser film glue.

The pressed flower card made of ordinary thick cardboard is attached with ordinary cold laminating film. The main materials used include: delphinium, wood hydrangea, fern leaves, various beautiful cherry trees, various hydrangea, thyme, and forget-me-not.

On simple commercially available cards, it is also possible to design and make a pressed flower, so that the grade and effect of the card can be qualitatively improved. It is also possible to attach a cold laminating film for card surface protection. The main materials used include: fragrant snowball, delphinium, beauty cherry, and gorse leaves.