How to solve the problem that the glue box is not fast
- 2020-01-05-

There are 4 ways to solve the problem of unstuck and glued boxes for coated and glazed cartons:

First, place a needle knife at the adhesive opening during die cutting to pierce the surface of the adhesive opening to facilitate the penetration of the adhesive.

Second, the surface layer of the adhesive mouth is broken with the edging device attached to the automatic folder gluer to facilitate the penetration of the adhesive.

Third, the hot melt paste box glue is sprayed to the adhesive part, and the material on the surface of the adhesive mouth is melted at high temperature to improve the fastness of the paste box.

Fourth, when the box design is performed before printing, glued parts can be reserved in advance on the edge of the box to be coated and glazed. For the phenomenon that the glue box is not strong due to insufficient pressure, you can increase the pressure of the crimping part of the folder gluer, increase the crimping time, or replace the adhesive with strong adhesion.

The main reasons for the deformation of the carton are the following 3:

(1) Some die-cut plates are made by hand, often because the precision is not high enough to cause the size of the carton to be different, and the carton is deformed when gluing.

(2) The low concentration of paste glue and large water content lead to the moisture deformation of the cardboard, and the carton is not flat after molding.

(3) The folder gluer itself is not adjusted properly. To solve this problem, as long as the die-cutting quality is guaranteed to be stable, an adhesive with a suitable concentration is selected, and the folder-gluer is adjusted well.