Acrylic emulsion technology maintains the stable concentration of the product
- 2020-02-28-

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Acrylic emulsion technology is a more practical way, it has a better effect on the study of chemistry, we know that this technology can make the concentration of the emulsion through temperature and practical ingredients It is relatively stable, so that we will have better results in daily use, then today we will learn about the knowledge about the stable concentration of the technical maintenance product.

  1 The emulsion itself is a cross-linking thickener, with high molecular content and rich functions. When diluted with water, the solution particles swell quickly. Under such conditions, the solution becomes clear and viscous. Because of the absence of cellulose, the acrylic emulsion technology is relatively resistant to microorganisms and enzymes, so the consistency of the solution can be kept stable. In addition, this technology can maintain a good texture of the products produced, and the resulting emulsion is not prone to sag and splash. The product itself has high compatibility, can be used with a variety of formulas, has good water retention properties and strong thixotropic properties. Therefore, emulsion technology is more suitable for the production of this emulsion.

  2, acrylic emulsion technology is already a relatively mature product, there are many different categories and applicability in the market. It is recommended that when choosing to use this technology, you should choose according to standards and product characteristics, choose products with better brands, and must not cause large losses due to greed and cheapness, so as to maintain a stable concentration of products.

Through the above introduction, the emulsion technology can make the molecular content of the solution higher, so that when we use the emulsion, it will find that it has less impurities, thereby increasing the use effect. Of course, the storage temperature of the acrylic emulsion produced by this technology should be {{0 }} ℃ ~ 3 5 ℃, reduce the sun and rain, affecting the use of products.