Why is the aluminum foil glue so supernatural
- 2019-12-24-

Aluminum foil adhesive, literally, should be similar to ordinary transparent tape. By the way, you guessed it right, they look exactly the same.

They are all wide and thin in shape, with strong adhesive on one side, but their main materials are very different. The main material of scotch tape is bopp film, and the basic material of aluminum foil is aluminum foil, the adhesive of the two is also different, scotch tape generally uses natural or synthetic rubber and Acrylic, and it requires a comparison of adhesives. High, using acrylic glue.

Because of the difference in substrate and adhesive, it is much more magical than ordinary transparent tape. It can be said that if the ordinary tape has the 36 change of pig bajie, then it has Sun Wukong ’s 72 The change is that aluminum foil adhesive is not popular in daily life due to its high cost, high price and special functions. It only shines its own light in certain areas of industrial products. Why is it so magical? It is related to the word "aluminum foil" that comes with it-aluminum foil has extraordinary physical characteristics.

One of its great characteristics is that it can separate electromagnetic signals, and it is widely used in the field of electronic products. For example, transformers, such as laptop computers for home use, and LCD monitors for desktop computers, are wrapped with aluminum foil glue inside these appliances to shield electromagnetic signals and enhance the acceleration of electronic signal transmission.