Status and development of window adhesive
- 2019-12-09-

Status and development of window adhesive

Introduced the current status and development trends of the world's demand and output of window adhesives, production enterprises and product varieties, materials used, process equipment, technical characteristics and performance requirements, which has become another economic growth point in the rubber industry and has great development prospects.

Window adhesives, also known as sealant strips, are widely used as air-tight and water-sealed equipment in automobiles, buildings, refrigerators, cold storage and other fields, and their role is very important. Especially on the car, it is not only waterproof and dustproof, but also has the effect of reducing noise and buffering. It is of great significance for maintaining the cleanliness of the car, riding comfort and increasing the life of the car body. At the same time, the sealant strip is still the appearance decoration of passenger cars, especially good cars, and has become one of the signs of the cost performance of cars.

Currently, about 70% ~ 80% are used in automobiles. On average, a car uses {{{{5}}} ~ {{3}} m sealant strips, which are distributed inside and outside {{{{5}}}} In the remaining parts, the amount of rubber consumption reaches {{5}} ~ {{5}}. 5 kg, which accounts for automobile rubber (except tires) 8 ~ 1 {{{5}}} {{{5}} 0% ~ {{5}} 5%, which is second only to tires, hoses and V-belts Another major rubber component for automobiles. In automobile sealing products, two different systems have been formed together with rubber seals, one large and one small, supporting the development of automobile sealing, and the amount of rubber used for sealing strips is {{5 }}. 5 ~ 3. 5 more times.

At present, the amount of glue used has occupied half of the market of industrial rubber products (calendered products, extruded products, molded products) and has become its leading product. It is mainly produced by extrusion molding, accounting for about 80% of the extruded products, which is a very representative extrusion product. For corners, joints, and sealing strips with more precise dimensions, further processing should be done with a special molding method. Window glue has formed its own process characteristics separately, realized continuous and automated production, and has now become the main development key and economic growth point of the rubber industry.