Selection and Use of Glue
- 2019-11-25-

According to the different data of the film surface, choose different glues. For example, PET or OPP film should use different paper and plastic water in the paste box; if the paper surface is bonded to the oily appearance, please use UV color box glue; if the paper surface is bonded to the polished surface, the paste box needs paste . Manual paste boxes or devices with slow paste boxes should use open time (from the moment the glue and adhesive contact the adhesive cannot move freely) long glue; automatic paste boxes or paste box speeds should use open quick-drying Paste glue.

Please pay attention to the surrounding environment and temperature when using glue. The ratio of glue used in winter and glue used in summer should be different, because the same batch of glue of the same brand is at different ambient temperatures. The viscosity is also different. The lower the ambient temperature, the higher the consistency of the glue. Whether it is winter or summer, the glue needs to reach the glue in the production process of the glue box * to strengthen the viscosity of the production operation. Due to the low temperature in winter and the high consistency of the glue, if the color box manufacturer adds water to adjust the viscosity of the glue, the adhesive strength of the glue will be affected. Therefore, the glue used at lower ambient temperature should adhere to the adhesive force of the glue and the normal reaction mechanism of the glue. It is necessary to adjust the detection system and the instrument to prepare the glue, which is why many applications are more complicated paste box glue can not be used directly in the north.