Precautions for using pure water-based sealant
- 2019-07-11-

According to the characteristics of pure water-based sealant, the precautions are summarized as follows, which are for customer reference only:

The glue should be protected against freezing and sun protection. Avoid direct sunlight in summer and store in a shaded place, and store above 0 ℃ in winter. If the glue is frozen and cannot be heated and thawed, it should be placed in a room above 5 ° C and slowly thawed. After thawing, observe the phenomenon of delamination of anhydrous glue. It can be used after filtering through the 100 mesh filter. The glue is stored. It should be sealed and stored during and after use to prevent the glue from scaling and mildew and shorten the shelf life.

Pure water-based sealant cannot be mixed with other glues, and other substances cannot be added to prevent chemical reaction and loss. In principle, water cannot be added.

The printing ink of printed matter must be completely dried before laminating.

Before use, the coating roller of the laminating machine must be cleaned, and there is no rubber or impurities.

The amount of corona treated with BOPP film for laminating should be above 38 dyne. Apply electrical treatment surface to apply glue. The BOPP membrane electrical treatment surface of general manufacturers is the inside of the roll film. The small corona amount of the BOPP film can cause the composite product to not stick well and peel off.

The amount of glue depends on the specific conditions of paper, ink, film, etc. The amount of pure water-based sealing glue produced by our company is generally about 6-15 grams. When returning the finished product, observe no snowflake-like bright spots. If it occurs, it is generally due to three reasons: too small amount of glue, low grade of glue, and too much powder spray. You can increase the amount of glue, choose good glue, and wipe off the powder spray. If there are no snowflake-shaped bright spots in the comeback product at that time, and chicken-like, snowflake-like, or crack-shaped bright spots appear after a few minutes to tens of hours, the glue and ink generally react. The reason is generally that the ink is not completely dry, too much dry oil is added to the ink, and the tackifier is removed. The reason should be found together with the printing process.

In principle, after spraying powder on the surface of the printed matter, it is required to coat the film after wiping the powder. If the powder is small, it can also be directly coated, and please use the special glue for cover powder.

When changing the roll, please do not stop for too long to prevent the glue from drying on the rubber roller.

After rewinding and placing until the surface of the composite product is transparent and not whitish, the slitting begins. ,

When laminating new prints and replacing different batches of pure water-based sealants, please pass the proofing test before mass production.

Please pay special attention to printed gold and silver products. Sometimes the discoloration may occur after laminating. Please proofing and leave it for about 1 days before discoloring, before laminating, and the curing time should be increased.

Please be careful not to use strong alkaline glue for boarding and tile mounting, to prevent the compound from foaming, mildewing, delamination, etc., and pay attention to the excessive use of glue such as caustic soda, which reacts with the glue through the paper layer.