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How to use pure water-based sealant
- 2020-04-10-

Let's take a look at the use of pure water-based sealant and the precautions for storage.

1. Use of pure water-based sealant

  1, you need to choose a suitable model before use;

  2. Tests must be conducted before formal production to confirm suitability before mass production; during the process of replacing materials, test first and confirm before use;

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 3, pay attention to the material condition before use, such as: surface energy, base layer thickness, varnish thickness, coated corona Value, etc., if the material is poor, remedial measures should be taken, such as edging and plasma damage.

  4 、 The glue is active, and its activity varies with temperature. The activity is better at 15 ℃, so when using glue in winter, you need to put the glue 24 hours ahead In 15 ℃ environment, the effect will be better when used in this way.

  5 、 Be sure to mix well before putting on the machine. The glue will generate water vapor at the current temperature, and the water vapor will condense on the lid of the bucket. The water droplets formed by the water vapor transported through the logistics will fall into the glue, When opening a bucket of new glue, there will be skin or water film on the surface of the glue, so be sure to mix well.

  6 Do n’t add it by yourself, if you need to dilute it, please consult our sales personnel first; Amount, to avoid the product without glue or uneven glue.

For   8 and 60 minutes of shutdown, the glue needs to be poured out of the glue tank, the glue tank should be washed and dried (it is recommended to blow dry with compressed air to avoid residual moisture); if the actual operation has Difficult, it is recommended to wrap the plastic tank with plastic wrap to reduce the long-term exposure of the glue to the air and form a glue skin, which will affect the next production.

  9 、 The squeezed box should have a better squeezing time. It is recommended to take more than 20 minutes to make use of the two upper bonding pens to contact the glue particles and the squeezing time of the coated product. To increase.

  10. There should be a better standing time until the moisture in the glue has evaporated and the glue particles are in contact, and the extrusion time of the coated product should be increased.

  11, this product cannot be mixed with other similar products or solvents; after 12, 24 hours, be sure to check whether the product is bonded or fixed

2. Storage of pure water-based sealant

  1, storage and transportation should be at 0 ℃-50 ℃, and avoid sunlight, the molecular structure of the glue below 0 ℃ is easy to change, so that the glue performance is weakened or even invalid.

  2. It is recommended to use them first, avoid expiration, and the shelf life is 6-9 months under normal conditions.

  3. The remaining glue needs to be sealed;

  4. Disposal should be in accordance with relevant local laws and regulations.