What are the characteristics of acrylic emulsion?
- 2019-06-24-

Waterborne acrylic emulsion is a kind of adhesive glue emulsion, which can be divided into puzzle glue emulsion, casein glue emulsion and waterproof glue emulsion. The water-based acrylic emulsion is green and environmentally friendly, has no irritation, meets the requirements of environmental protection, can form a film high-gloss resin, has good gloss and transparency, and has good anti-blocking ability. Shandong Ruiyi Yinghua New Materials Co., Ltd. takes you to understand the characteristics of water-based acrylic emulsion.

  1, better adhesion:

The polymer structure of the aqueous acrylic emulsion is beneficial to the flow and wettability of the molecular chains on the surface of the substrate, making the coating and substrate molecules in close contact to achieve high adhesion.

  2. The high load-bearing capacity of pigments and fillers can better reduce production costs:

The water-based acrylic emulsion has good filling property, and the total solid content of the coating formulation can reach 60%. Among them, the ratio of resin to filler can reach 1: 2, which can better reduce the formulation and use cost of waterborne wood lacquer.

  3, zero VOC, protect the environment:

The waterborne acrylic emulsion itself does not contain VOC, and can form a film at room temperature without the aid of a film-forming aid. The VOC content of the paint with this formula can be zero.

  4, better water resistance:

The water-based acrylic emulsion does not have the surfactant used in ordinary acrylic emulsions, and has a designed hydrophobic group. Therefore, the water-based acrylic emulsion has good moisture resistance, can reduce the penetration of water molecules into the substrate after the paint film is dried, and achieve the effect of waterproofing and moisture resistance.

  5, better weather resistance:

The molecular structure of the water-based acrylic emulsion adopts a UV-stabilized monomer structure, and the emulsion is designed to make TIO 2 well dispersed in the emulsion, reduce the effect of UV on the emulsion, and effectively protect the substrate.

  6, better pigment dispersion:

The compatibility of water-based acrylic emulsion and various water-based color pastes is good, so that the functions of fillers and pigments can be exerted, and the paint color is bright.