How to distinguish pure water-based sealant and precautions for use
- 2019-06-13-

Pure water-based sealantThe solvent is all water, safe and environmentally friendly, there is no potential danger of combustion and explosion, no pollution to the environment, no harm to the operator. With the increasingly strict environmental protection regulations and the continuous development of the economy, the proportion of pure water-based sealant products will continue to rise.

How to distinguish between pure water-based sealing glue and semi-oil semi-water sealing glue

Water-based sealant is green and environmentally friendly, and has been widely used in food packaging and wine packaging. The hazards of the semi-oil and semi-water sealant are known through the last tweet. How to distinguish between pure water-based sealing glue and semi-oil semi-water sealing glue?


Smell the taste, pure water is based on water as a solvent, does not smell pungent. Semi-oil and semi-water is based on toluene and other oily ingredients as a solvent, smells very pungent.

  2. Look

Look at the color, pure water-based glue white or slightly blue. The semi-oily and semi-water sealing rubber is white or yellowish.

  3. Feel

Pure water can't see much drawing on the hand. Semi-oily and semi-water will be very serious in the hand, which is not easy to remove on the hand.

Precautions for pure water-based sealant

  1. Do not mix this product with other glue, otherwise the glue will deteriorate and cannot be used.

  2 After taking the glue, seal it in time to avoid air drying and skinning. The glue taking tool should be clean so as not to bring impurities and affect the quality. .

  3. OPP and BOPP materials are strong inert materials and are not easy to be bonded, so they should be used in accordance with the operation method when bonding, otherwise it will easily cause a blowout.

  4. Whether the bonding effect is good or not, please observe it after 8 hours of dry glue.

  5. The color and viscosity of pure water-based sealant will change with the change of storage time and temperature. It is an inherent property of glue, but it does not affect the adhesion effect of glue.

  6. After use, it should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool place at a temperature of (10 ~ 30. C). Avoid direct sunlight.