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Application of acrylic emulsion adhesive
- 2020-02-21-

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Let ’s talk about where the acrylic emulsion adhesive will be applied, as follows:

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 1, wood product adhesive

Using vinyl acetate, butyl acrylate, N-methylolacrylamide and acrylic acid as monomers, a semi-continuous emulsion polymerization method was used to prepare a quaternary emulsion adhesive for the wood industry, which made the adhesive strength and water resistance of the emulsion adhesive The performance and reduction of low film forming temperature have been changed. Compared with the unmodified homopolymerized emulsion, the copolymerized emulsion modified by adding functional monomers has a greater change in the adhesive strength and water resistance of the emulsion adhesive.

  2, packaging industry

Acrylate emulsion adhesive has the advantages of convenient use, low cost, strong adhesion, good weather resistance and so on, and is more used in the packaging field. The acrylate emulsion system was copolymerized and modified with hydrogenated rosin to obtain an aqueous plastic adhesive. When the amount of hydrogenated rosin is 5%, the copolymer-modified acrylate emulsion has good adhesion to PE, PET, PP, and the holding force is increased from 110 min to {{{ {3}}}} min, the peel strength increased from 2. 8 N / cm to about 7. 2 N / cm.

  3, fabric printing

Paint printing is the use of adhesives to attach non-affinity and reactive pigments to the surface of the fiber to form the desired pattern. The texture, vividness, and fastness of the printed fabric depend on the quality of the adhesive. At present, adhesives for paint printing are mainly acrylic esters, which have strong adhesion to fabrics, have good film-forming properties, and the formed films are transparent, flexible, and elastic. Therefore, the preparation of high performance polyacrylate adhesive is an important goal to increase the quality of paint printing.

  4, pressure sensitive adhesive

Polyacrylate emulsion pressure-sensitive adhesive is one of the more widely used pressure-sensitive adhesives. It has been developed since the early 20 century 80. The product types include packaging tape, electrical insulation tape, surface protection tape , Double-sided tape, medical tape label paper and pressure-sensitive label paper, etc., and has been more used in packaging, printing medical, home appliance industry and manufacturing and other fields.

  5, pressure sensitive adhesive

Polyacrylate emulsion adhesive is one of the commonly used adhesives in the construction industry, which has the advantages of convenient use and low price. By selecting polyacrylic emulsion and changing the ratio of polypowder, appropriately increasing the ratio of polypowder and adding effective plasticizers, the elongation at break of the sealant and the low-temperature flexibility of the sealant products can be increased. The copolymer emulsion of acrylic acid / butyl acrylate / vinyl acetate / methylol acrylamide prepared by Chen Yuanwu, etc., can be used as a bonding base for building elastic putty, waterproof coating and waterproof coating. Preparation of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer acrylate adhesive can be used in cement-based repair mortar.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; We are respectively in wood products adhesives, packaging industry, fabric printing, pressure sensitive adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive The application of the emulsion is introduced in the application, I believe you can use it well.