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Understand the basic knowledge of aluminum foil adhesive
- 2020-02-28-

Formula analysis Ingredient analysis

It refers to an adhesive formulated with a thermoplastic resin, which has good adhesion to aluminum foil, PVC, PET, PC, aluminum coating, etc. and is a one-component formula. Aluminum foil can be used for tobacco packaging and alcohol packaging. The three major categories currently on the market are:

  1, the main component is the glue of water-based acrylic polymer emulsion.

  2, the main component is the glue of polyvinyl acetate emulsion.

  3, aluminum foil adhesive whose main component is polyvinyl alcohol.

It is mainly developed for the combination of aluminized film and metal products. It is mainly used in industries such as lighting materials, interior decoration, furniture manufacturing, art decoration, and automobile interior. Can be used for bonding fireproof board, aluminum plastic board, galvanized aluminum sheet and galvanized iron sheet.

Aluminum foil adhesive characteristics:

  1, where the peel strength of PVC film and aluminum foil film can be greater than 40 N / 20 mm

  2, fast drying, easy operation

  3, low thermal compound temperature

Application process and precautions of aluminum foil adhesive

  1. Clean the compound machine, pour the glue into the glue storage tank for recycling or directly add it to the glue tank. The temperature in the drying tunnel is 70-95 ℃, and the running speed is about 30 — 50 m / min.

  2. The amount of glue 5 — 10 grams per square meter, the air humidity is 2 5 degrees 60%, the paper humidity is {{5 }} — 20%;

  3. In wet weather, the humidity is too high, and the curing speed of the glue is slow. It can be adjusted by appropriately reducing the machine speed or appropriately increasing the temperature of the drying tunnel.

  4. If the composite aluminum foil paper shows up at the four corners, it may be because the amount of glue applied is too high, resulting in too much shrinkage stress of the glue layer. Or because of the high moisture content of the cardboard itself, it should be properly controlled.