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Acrylic emulsion factory introduces some construction considerations of the playground
- 2020-03-06-

Acrylic Emulsion Factory introduces the construction of finishing layer (face oil)

  1) Finishing layer: use the sharps acrylic pigment (plus water) of Jierui Company. Acrylic paint is applied on the second layer, (it can also be applied again due to cost issues). After the materials are evenly mixed, use a rubber rake to coat. It makes the color bright and pleasing, and has strong resistance to climate and ultraviolet radiation, and the court surface layer is more beautiful and durable. Drying up takes at least 6 ~ 8 hours.

  2) Construction method: Scrape the surface oil horizontally on the treated field. (Material gradation; 1 kg of acrylic pigment: 0. 8 kg of water) If conditions permit, it can be applied along the longitudinal direction of the court. When scraping the surface oil, it is necessary to achieve straight raking marks, no bending, and no raking. Since the above constructions may be laid in several colors, the materials of each color need to be dried before being laid, and at the same time, different colors should not be crossed. (You can use separation paper and colored stripe cloth for protection).

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Phase acceptance

All the surface materials are completely finished when the oil is scraped. Before drawing the line, Party A is required to conduct an initial acceptance of the site, and the confirmation effect is no problem (signature confirmation) before proceeding to the next step. Opinion (referring to the actual situation on the construction site) is that our work is not done well, we make necessary rectifications and then carry out acceptance, and only one process can be carried out after being qualified)

Introduction of Acrylic Emulsion Factory

Line drawing: Use acrylic white line paint to draw the standard course boundary line, measure according to the standard,

Use adhesive tape machine to stick the adhesive tape to the ground tightly according to the line, reduce the burrs, and directly brush the two layers of paint with a brush.

Only after the acceptance of the surface layer can the line be marked:

  1) Bouncing thread according to drawings. (Need to be accurate)

  2) Paste the separation paper according to the line, and repeatedly compact it with a soft cloth to ensure that there is no leakage when brushing the line paint.

  3) Retest: Re-check the line of the separation paper that has been pasted to confirm that the line width and size are accurate before proceeding to the next process. (Checker's signature to confirm)

  4) Carefully handle the junction. If there are low-lying places, use fine sand to make up the surface. After smoothing, you can apply the line paint once.

  5) Brush the line paint along the color separation paper (it is forbidden to brush out the line), evenly and dry.

  6) Brush the line paint twice after the line paint is dry (try to make the brush paint even when brushing, to prevent slubs)

  7) Paper tearing: The separation paper can be torn off after the secondary thread paint has fully penetrated.