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What to do if the glue is opened
- 2019-12-09-

In printing, box glue is usually indispensable glue. How to control the non-sticky glue is very important.

  1. Correctly select the glue for the paste box. In production, it is important to control the gluing of glue boxes. Once the glue is not used properly, the entire batch of corrugated boxes will be glued.

  2. The choice of paste box glue should also consider the working environment of the paste box workshop. The glue used in winter is actually different from the glue used in summer, because the same brand and the same batch of glue have different printing viscosities at different ambient temperatures. The lower the ambient temperature, the higher the viscosity of the glue. Whether in winter or summer, the glue must reach a viscosity that is convenient for production and operation.

  0010010 nbsp; 3. Use the paste box environment. Plastic box products need to be sent to high-temperature environments for use, and high-temperature resistant adhesives must be selected; for corrugated cardboard boxes to be sent to low-temperature environments for packaging design, low-temperature resistant adhesives must be selected.

  4. Glass performance. If the automatic folder gluer is equipped with a spray gun, you need to select the corresponding glue spraying method. At the same time, the performance of the spray gun control system must also be considered. If the spray gun control system is hot melt adhesive, you must select hot melt adhesive; if the spray gun control system is not heated, you must choose cold spray adhesive.

After the paste box production operation is completed, according to the time for the glue to fully solidify, confirm the storage of the finished product after the paste box.

In the production of paste boxes, the opening time of the glue should be fully considered. According to the opening time and curing time of the glue, the fixed pressing time of the corrugated color box after the paste box is clear.