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Acrylic emulsion court features and characteristics
- 2020-02-14-

  0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Features of elastic acrylic emulsion court:

  1. It can cover fine cracks in the foundation better, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

  2. It has excellent shock absorption performance. The acrylic buffer coating provides better support for the feet to reduce possible damage to the feet caused by general hard floors.

  3. The rebound of the ball is moderate and balanced, and does not affect the rebound angle of the ball.

  4. Bright colors, there are many colors to choose from. It is suitable for different climate environments, and the color will not fade for a long time.

  5. Even in commercial sites with high usage rates, the painted surface does not need to be resurfaced within 5-10 years

The 5 features of acrylic emulsion court

  1. The main components of acrylic stadium coatings are water-based raw materials, and acrylic stadium coatings are non-toxic, will not produce air pollution, and are a new type of green environmental protection materials.

  2. Acrylic court paints are colorful, compared with traditional badminton court floor materials, acrylic badminton courts are also beautiful, beautiful, and loved by everyone.

  3. Acrylic stadium paint has strong adaptability to natural environment and climate, and the project construction is also simple, which can greatly reduce the construction period.

  4. Acrylic courts have better wear resistance, and the use period is longer than that of ordinary badminton courts. Acrylic badminton courts are not prone to aging and fading, have good color retention properties, and can maintain brilliant colors after long-term application.

  5. Acrylic courts have good ductility and are not easily cracked, and can maintain a good sense of movement. Acrylic badminton court is a badminton venue for many specific applications of badminton games at this stage.

Due to the above advantages of acrylic emulsion courts, acrylic court paints have been loved by many badminton courts and tennis courts as soon as they are launched.