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The problem and solution of the low fastness of paste box glue
- 2020-01-05-

The glue box is not fastened fast and the carton is degummed. Degumming refers to cracking of the adhesive mouth due to insufficient adhesion fastness. The main reasons can be summarized as follows:

(1) The viscosity of the adhesive is not enough or the amount of glue is not enough.

(2) The adhesive and carton material do not match.

(3) The adhesive part of the carton is processed by surface treatment such as coating and glazing. It is difficult for the adhesive to penetrate the surface layer and penetrate the paper.

(4) After folding and applying glue, the pressure is insufficient, and the pressing time is not long enough, which is not conducive to sticking.

For the above-mentioned problem of unsound paste boxes caused by adhesives, you should choose an adhesive suitable for the carton material, and the selection and use of adhesives are also very particular.

You cannot mistakenly think that the higher the viscosity of the glue box glue, the better the glue box effect. The higher the viscosity, the higher the adhesive strength, and the wrinkle rate will also increase. When the glue roller of the automatic folder gluer runs at a high speed of 112 revolutions per minute, the recommended viscosity of the adhesive is 500 ~ 1000 cps.

Secondly, the adhesive strength is stronger. Because the instantaneous pressure of the forming part of the automatic folder gluer is not very large, and during the high-speed operation of producing 30 — 40 boxes per minute, the compression time is not long, and the bonding force is strong. Even if the pressure is lightly applied, the carton can be strong and firm.

In addition, the ambient temperature of the paste box workshop will also have a certain impact on the adhesive. If the temperature in the paste box workshop is too low, the adhesive will solidify quickly, affecting the adhesion fastness, even if the amount of glue is too large, it will not work.

Of course, the smaller the amount of glue, the more sensitive it is to the room temperature, so in winter, the temperature of the paste box workshop should be kept above 20 ℃, and the air conditioner can be installed to adjust the condition. In the paste box workshop, a large and easy-to-see thermometer should be installed to check and control the working environment in time. For pasted products, they should be dried at room temperature before leaving the factory. In winter, do n’t rush to deliver them without drying.