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Factors affecting the gloss of water-based varnish (on)
- 2019-09-09-

The coating process of varnish is essentially the process of varnish leveling and drying on the printed matter. There are many factors that affect the gloss of the water-based varnish, such as the appearance quality of the material to be coated, the coating process, the equipment and the quality of the varnish itself. The main discussion here is the effect of the performance of the varnish on the gloss. .

Factors that affect the gloss of the varnish include the use of polymer monomers for the resin, the mixing ratio of the water-soluble resin and the emulsion, the leveling of the varnish, the viscosity, the pH, and the surface tension.

  1 、 The influence of polymer monomer on the gloss of water-based varnish

The different properties of the polymer monomers have a very important influence on the gloss and other properties of the finished varnish. Therefore, choosing a suitable polymer monomer is an important part of improving the gloss of the varnish. In actual use, a variety of monomers are usually used for copolymerization. When selecting monomers, it is necessary to add a large amount of additives with improved gloss, and also to consider the use of monomers to improve other properties of varnish. They can choose monomer copolymerization.

The monomers that may be used in acrylic resins for water-based varnishes are: methyl methacrylate, styrene, methyl acrylate, β-hydroxypropyl acrylate, acrylic acid, etc. Increasing the amount of methyl methacrylate and styrene results in a coating with high hardness and good gloss, but it is brittle and has poor folding resistance and solubility resistance. Therefore, in order to obtain a high-gloss water-based varnish, a suitable polymer monomer must be selected.

  2, mixing ratio of water-soluble resin and emulsion

As mentioned above, the mixing ratio of water-soluble resin and emulsion has a great influence on the gloss of water-based varnish. Increasing the amount of emulsion can improve its gloss, but it reduces the leveling and processing suitability of varnish; increasing the amount of water-soluble resin, although it can improve the leveling and processability of varnish, but its gloss will be reduced . When preparing, please refer to the proportion in the previous formula.