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Introduction of performance characteristics of aluminum foil adhesive
- 2019-11-03-

Performance characteristics of aluminum foil adhesive

1. Features

It has excellent water vapor barrier properties, high mechanical strength and oxidation resistance, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance.

Second, use

It is suitable for splicing, sealing, heat preservation, water blocking, etc. of HVAC air ducts, cold and warm water pipes, and is especially suitable for the sealing of pipes in the shipping industry.

Aluminum foil adhesive is generally used in the explosion-proof joint surface of the furnace and the thermal insulation joint surface of the large air duct. Constant power or variable power electric felt heating system includes heating cable, glass fiber mesh and temperature controller. The heating cable is bent according to the thermal design and fixed on the net with tape. It can be used for mobile electric heating ground mats to add negative ion far infrared ecological function reflection layer (aluminum foil glass fiber cloth), thermal insulation layer (pixel sheet) bottom layer (non-woven fabric) and process The decorative surface layer can be hard or soft. This structure can be easily laid, installed and used by yourself, without worrying about the thermal, electrical design and construction of heating cables. There are suitable installation schemes before and after interior decoration.

Aluminum foil adhesive has the advantages of moisture resistance, airtightness, light resistance, wear resistance, aroma and so on. If this kind of composite aluminum foil material is used to package cooked food, it can ensure that the food will not deteriorate for at least one year. Aluminized film has good fragrance retention, metallic luster, beautiful decoration, but opaque, unintuitive packaging content, and poor bending resistance. After kneading, pinholes or cracks are easily generated, which affects the penetration resistance. There are hard aluminum foil and soft aluminum foil in the aluminized film. Hard aluminum foil thickness 2 0-30 μm, soft aluminum foil thickness {{2}}-9 μm, during rolling When a large amount of lubricating oil is needed to lubricate one calender, both sides are bright; when two calenders are used, one side is bright and the other side is dark duralumin is usually used as a composite layer (relatively low surface cleanliness) The soft aluminum is used to print the number of composite material pinholes: {{2}} μm is less than 50 hole / m 2; 9 μm is less than 30 Hole / m 2; 11 μm is smaller than 10 hole / m 2.