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What you need to know about the history of acrylic emulsions
- 2019-10-24-

To commemorate the impact of acrylic emulsion technology on human society, the American Chemical Society (ACS) designated "acrylic emulsion technology" as the national history of the United States on 2008 9 month 15 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chemical landmark.

As early as the 20 century 30, industrial production of acrylic acid series compounds began.

Acrylic emulsions have distinct advantages. One of the main features is the high molecular weight of emulsion polymerization, which is close to 100 million. Because of this, as the water evaporates, the polymer coalesces into a tough acrylic film. In addition, for creative chemists, emulsion polymers provide many "chips" to optimize performance. These include main chain composition, molecular weight, functional monomer, morphology and surface chemistry.

Another important advantage: they are environmentally friendly. The solvent-based coating component is replaced, so its water-based, environmentally friendly, non-flammable properties reduce harmful emissions and improve worker safety.

Chemists, with guts, tenacity and wisdom for innovative chemistry. Today, from plastic to paint, technology has changed the human world! In 1978 years, acrylic emulsions have basically replaced oil-based exterior wall coatings in the United States. To this day, acrylic emulsion products are commonly used in the construction, automotive, packaging and textile industries.