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What problems should be paid attention to in the transportation of window glue
- 2019-11-18-

Window glueIt is suitable for PVC.PET manual machine window sticking. PET sheets with a dyne value of more than 32 can be attached, which is easy to clean. The products to be posted are resistant to low temperature 25 degrees and high temperature {{2 }}degree.

Reminder: Please pay attention to customers who stick to windows! Most of the PET and PVC window stickers are divided into positive and negative sides, and the side with the highest Dyne value should be selected, otherwise it will affect the bonding effect! You need to use 38 or more than Dyne to be safe! Sheets with less than 38 dyne have many release films, which are not normal sheets. Although it is cheap, the risk of low temperature drop is very great! You have to check it out!

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  1. Pay attention to keep warm and prevent frost during transportation. When transporting below 0 ℃, the quilts and pallets need to be packed, and try to transport by box truck. If there is no insulated van, it must be sandwiched between trucks for transportation.

  2. During storage, the glue warehouse must ensure that the ambient temperature is above 0 ° C.

  3. When the customer is in production, the workshop temperature should be kept above 0 ℃

  4. The bonded product must be placed in the environment above 0--5 ℃ for more than 12 hours before it can be pulled out of the low temperature environment! Otherwise, the water molecules in the box are easy to freeze and damage the structure of the window glue molecules, resulting in opening the box.