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How to choose glue
- 2019-05-14-

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Facing glue is the last process in the printing industry, and it is also a process with many quality control and uncontrollable factors, many Packaging companies are expert in printing, but they are blind in the selection and use of adhesives. They are often unaware of the problem, and blindly choose when the glue is opened, but the problem is still inevitable, which also brings to various packaging companies. Great loss and waste.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Selection ---- Adhesive selection: different interfaces (ie peritoneum, oil, etc.), different temperatures, different paste glues

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 1, the surface of the dumb film is mostly double corona treatment, and the ordinary paste glue can be easily bonded.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 2, corona treatment of bright film, the corona value of the bonding surface, bopp is 32 dyne Safe bonding requires the surface tension of the substrate to reach more than 38 dyne. When the surface tension of the bright film is less than 36 dyne, it is not easy to bond. The so-called sander on the market may work on uv However, for relatively soft films, the sander will not work and affect efficiency.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 3 The premise of UV interface safety bonding is the good combination of UV oil and paper, and the strict process of UV glazing Apply UV oil after priming, or use UV oil without priming. In this way, the effect after UV glazing is tested. It takes 8 hours after curing of UV oil. Use nails or sharp tools or use narrow tape (6 -10MM wide) debonding, UV oil delamination is unqualified, non-delamination is qualified, in the case of delamination, even if the appropriate glue or low temperature plasma treatment is selected, the paste will still open, because the adhesive will stick off the UV Layer instead of sticking to the paper.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Before using the product, explain the usage precautions (range of use, applicable temperature, humidity) of what kind of product corresponds to what glue, An important point is that-many companies think that it is ok to remove the sample after tearing the sample. There is no strict test experiment such as high and low temperature test, compression test, and storage period. Besides the problem of quality, you have already lost a lot.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; There are many types of adhesives on the market, and the prices are also different. Do you want to choose blindly or let you know about the product? The choice of glue is certainly one. The most important point is stability. Most of the companies that open the glue phenomenon are not because they did not stick at the time, but the stability is not good, it is easy to It is easy to open the glue under slight changes in the environment or the material.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Glue box glue is oily and water-based, many companies are pressing hard on prices, and the result is ... you know! To know what kind of products you will buy for as long as you spend, first understand whether the prices on the market are too far apart or you are using bottom-line products. If you have to consider this cost, then You should also know how much loss you are incurred in case of problems, which must be measured.