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Characteristics and application of laser film adhesive
- 2019-07-03-

Product description: The laser film adhesive tape is very sticky, (using hook glue and double-sided adhesive and strengthening additives can adapt to different environments). It is easy to hang the outer packaging of the product. The simple outer packaging treatment and hanging display method make the product look brand new and have good visual effect.

product features

Laser film adhesive is a water-based acrylic emulsion adhesive with the following characteristics:

● Single component product, low viscosity, easy to coat

● All water-based products, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to operate

● Good leveling and low odor

● Low gluing amount and high peel strength, meeting the requirements of automata

● The composite appearance is smooth, good transparency, no blistering and wrinkling

Application range

Laser film adhesive can be used for the combination of laser film, aluminized film and offset paper, coated paper, and a variety of cardboard, especially suitable for the composite between BOPP, PET and various cardboard, printing paper, and coated paper. High, good transparency, no wrinkle, strong powder covering ability, high deinking rate, good aging resistance.

Laser film adhesive packaging specifications and storage

  50 kg or 160 kg plastic drum.

This product is stored in a cool and dry place, the temperature is 5 ~ 3 5 ℃, and the validity period is 6 months.