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Brief introduction about window glue
- 2019-07-11-

1. Introduction of window glue:

This product is water-based polymer latex, no organic solvent, slightly scented green environmentally friendly adhesive, not polluting the environment, non-corrosive, strong adhesion, high solid content, fast bonding speed, universal Used in the bonding and bonding of high-grade sugar, wine, tea, moon cakes and other stiff wooden or fiberboard inner liners and film paper for external decoration. It is simply suitable for manual and machine operations. Paper / paper, paper / film, paper / fiberboard is a good glue for packaging in the packaging industry. The bonded packaging has no strange taste and meets the requirements of environmental protection and food hygiene.

2. Technical Index of Window Adhesive:

  1. Outside 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; View: white viscous emulsion;

  2. Qi 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Taste: no taste or slightly light fragrance;

  3. Adhesive strength: ≥ 3. 8 N / 25 mm or paper is broken;

  4. Solid content: ≥ 42%;

  5. Storage period: ≥ 1 years.

3. Features of window adhesive:

The gift box glue produced has high solid content, high initial adhesion, long opening time, fast adhesion, moderate viscosity, high cost performance, factory direct sales, conforms to China's environmental protection standards, does not worry about after-sales problems, is deeply loved by customers, and bonding materials are generally , It has good bonding effect on the glue cover. It is suitable for gift boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, etc. with complicated craftsmanship, different shapes and long operation time. At present, most of the gift box glues on the market are yellowish, the film is hard, difficult to clean, not environmentally friendly, the smell is unpleasant, the price is not practical, and after sales, it is generally unqualified. Especially for long-term use.

4. Usage and dosage of window glue

Apply this product to the paper surface of the coated paper, and the amount of glue should be appropriately large. After the glue is applied, place the wooden box or fiberboard box on the surface of the glued paper, and gradually pack the box in the tissue paper. {0}} — 6 minutes (depending on the indoor temperature, humidity and the amount of glue applied) Observe that when the glue layer is partially transparent, hem, lap, and press firmly. The dry glue stained on the tissue can be wiped off with alcohol (wet with a damp cloth). The bonding strength reached the upper limit in 2 4 hours after the packaging box was bonded.

4. Packaging, transportation and storage: This product is packed in 50 Kg polyethylene plastic drum, transported and stored as non-dangerous goods, and stored in a cool place.