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Application advantages of pure water-based sealant
- 2019-06-24-

  1,Pure water-based sealantHigh transparency, good gloss, no effect on the color of the printed matter, the printed object is bright, under long-term strong sunlight, the water-based varnish is not easy to yellow.

  2, not easy to wear, anti-scratch, the surface of the printed object is not easy to wear and fade, water repellent, oil repellent, deeply welcomed and trusted by users, cigarette packs at speeds above 300-500 packs / min During high-speed operation, the cigarette label has to bear a large mechanical load. For this reason, the printed matter not only needs glazing, but also has a strong wear resistance. The water-based glazing oil can not only meet this requirement, and whether it is gravure or Offset printing showed no signs of discoloration.

  3. The pure water-based sealing adhesive film has a fast speed and fast drying. The water-based glazing oil is applied on the Heidelberg CD five-color continuous glazing offset printing machine. The printing speed is 13000 sheets / hour, drying power {{ 2}}. 4 KW × {{{2}} branch × 2 group, dried at a temperature of 6 {{{{{}}}} ℃, obtained Satisfactory application.

  4. It is more convenient to use, transport and store. The water-based varnish is conducive to the production and improvement of labor conditions for employees. Since the solvent-based varnish is a dangerous product, it is quite inconvenient to transport, store, and use. The water-based varnish uses water as a solvent, which is not dangerous and is stable to use. After glazing, you can directly rinse the printing roller, machine and liquid tank with clean water to keep the machine and workshop site clean and clean without polluting the environment.

  5. Pure water-based sealant has only a small amount of volatile edible ethanol as an auxiliary solvent, so it is suitable for use in food, medicine, and tobacco packaging. Tobacco is a very easy-to-smell plant. The application of water-based varnish can reduce the possibility of cross-talk at all.

  6, high temperature, good heat sealing performance, PP packets are currently used as outer packaging. The water-based glazing oil has good heat sealing performance, even if celluloid is used, a good heat sealing effect can be obtained.

  7, pure water-based sealant has good flatness and strong anti-rolling force. An intractable problem in gravure printing is that after the printed matter is continuously dried in several color groups, the paper has a low moisture content and is relatively easy Curled, making it unusable. The water-based glazing oil is used to glaze the flexible packaging. The product is cut through large sheets and bronzing, and still maintains good flatness and roll resistance. This provides gravure for offset printing and gravure for cigarette labels that require bronzing. A new road.