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The solution of glue glue
- 2019-06-13-

Glue box glue is generally used in printing. How to control the glue box glue is not glue in use. It is particularly important to choose a good glue. Below I share what I know. The solution of glue box glue is not opened.

  1, correctly select glue for glue. In production, it is important to choose the correct glue for the glue box. Once the glue is used incorrectly, it will cause the whole batch of corrugated color boxes to be glued.

  2 The working environment of the glue box workshop also needs to be considered when choosing glue for glue boxes. The glue used in winter and the glue used in summer are actually different, because the same brand and the same batch of glue are printed at different ambient temperatures, and their viscosity is different. The lower the ambient temperature, the higher the viscosity of the glue . Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, glue is required to achieve a viscosity that is convenient for production operations during the paste box production process.

  4, the environment for paste boxes. Glue box products need to be sent to high temperature environment for use, you need to choose high temperature glue box glue; if the glue box corrugated color box needs to be sent to a low temperature environment for packaging design, you need to choose low temperature glue box glue.

  5, polishing performance. If the automatic spraying machine is spray gun type, you must choose the appropriate glue. At the same time, the performance of the spray gun control system should also be considered. If the spray gun control system is in hot melt mode, hot melt spray glue must be selected. If the gun control system is not heated, cold spray adhesive must be selected.

Precautions for using glue

After the production of glue box glue is completed, the storage of the finished glue box glue should be determined according to the time for the glue to fully cure.

In the production of glue boxes, the opening time of the glue box should be fully considered. According to the opening time and curing time of the glue, the fixed pressing time of the corrugated color box after the glue box should be confirmed.